I practice what I preach, creativity is part of every day.  Check Still…life, a photo-of-the-day project with musings.


Empower Strong Teams of Fulfilled Individuals Through Creativity

Three steps:  1. See change differently, 2. Change perspectives of who you are–be the genuine you (and honor others’ authentic selves), 3. Grow authentically by creating and sharing.

See change differently:  Our businesses, families, communities and lives are constantly in state of change.  Some changes we seek and others we simply hope to manage or cope with.  Whenever there is change, there are THREE THINGS TO DO…ONE WAY TO DO IT.  Go where the action, play your heart out, do no harm and be the authentic you.

Your team–at work, church, community, family–is undergoing or influenced by change. See it differently.

Change perspectives on who you are:  Find the authentic you; honor the authenticity and humanity of the people on your team.  By understanding how our lives fill us with treasures (Discover and Polish the Pearls Within),

Create and share:  Based on who you are, create in ways you are naturally capable of and learn new ways.  You are called to create.  And when you share, you connect to others with a greater mutual understanding.

The result is that you, your team and those they work with are empowered for fulfillment, success, creativity in all areas, and the adaptability to persist.



Empowerment Coaching

ECI offers three options of coaching to help you find and utilize your creativity in personal and professional life.  Each provides attentive listening and mentoring, as well as the tools and tips to help you succeed, find fulfillment, enhance your capabilities and celebrate your genuine, authentic creative nature.

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Keynotes, Workshops and Presentations

Memorable stories and messages of wisdom to empower your creativity and grow your  teams.  Everything you need is available to you.  Learn more by listening to Tony Gambone’s interview of Dion on Tough Talk Radio (Dion’s part starts at 16:00).

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You and your team, individually and collectively, have great creativity available.

Unleash it. Empower it. Build with it. Unite with it. Succeed with it.

The keys: See differently; Change perspectives; Grow authentically.

SOLUTION:  Grow Your Team….Don’t Put Them on a Bus

Get your FREE digital copy of “Grow Teams” by Dion McInnis.  Don’t build teams, grow them; don’t put people on a bus for a ride, place them to grow!  …another perspective on how to create an organizational culture that empowers teams to grow and flourish.

Clients and Partners
University of Houston-Clear Lake
College of the Mainland
Texas  A&M Maggies
New Mexico Women’s Summit
NASA./Johnson Space Center
Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes
Small Business Development Center
International Association of Administrative Professionals
Association of Business and Professional Women
Pearland Chamber of Commerce
Schedule of Upcoming Events
May 20:  Grow Teams: Don’t Put Them on a Bus, Place Them So They Can Grow, 8-9 a.m., Pearland Chamber of Commerce
June 20:  Memories to Memoirs, 10:30 to noon at Clear Lake-Freeman Library in conjunction with Clear Lake Area Writers
July 8, 15, 22: Words and Images at the Carl Jung Center, Houston



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