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Finding ways to inspire and motivate your sales or fundraising team can help you achieve your goals more effectively. Attract money to your organization!  Use his processes to create a culture to which others want to donate or do business.  As a leading sales and Houston fundraising coach, Dion McInnis can help you and your team attain greater insights into the mindsets of your donors and prospective clients. This added perspective can help you increase revenues and create lasting relationships. Look to Dion for his unique story- or photo-based team development programs! Dion can provide you and your team with the knowledge and the motivation you need to inspire others and to achieve your goals. Grow your cause, your organization, your business:  Contact Dion today.

How to Generate Sales
and Fundraise in Houston

Do you want your organization to attract money?   Dion McInnis has established his credentials as an acclaimed Houston motivational speaker, author, and fundraising coach. His creative approach to fundraising and sales focuses on the values of the donor or customer, making it easier to reach a larger audience in your local or regional community. Dion can teach you and your team how to sell and fundraise in Houston more effectively.

By researching the needs and wants of potential clients and donors, you can craft effective marketing campaigns that address these values and create a more significant impact on your target audience.  Attract money, don’t chase it with a club.

Motivational Expertise

In his role as a top sales and Houston fundraising consultant, Dion McInnis is called upon to perform a wide range of tasks for his clientele.

With 27 years of experience leading fundraising, donor relations and alumni relations at four universities, Dion has developed a unique motivational style that incorporates stories, poetry, and emotional connections to create lasting change. By enlisting the help of Dion McInnis for your fundraising and sales team, you can create a new organizational paradigm that can boost your revenues and enhance your relevance in the Houston market. His holistic view of changing your organization’s culture focuses on your cause, mission, people, process, message and results.

Dion has a simple three-part philosophy that is at the heart of every element of his motivational work and can provide real power for your marketing and fundraising efforts:

Go where the action is:

Learn to see your objectives and your target audience differently. Taking the time to identify the most important priorities for prospective donors and customers can significantly increase your success rate in the public arena.

Play our hearts out:

Change your organizational perspectives and adapt your methods to achieve your goals and create mutually beneficial relationships with clients and donors. Inspire and motivate; no matter the conditions, give it and your team the best you have.

Do no harm:

Grow to meet the needs of your community and your audience by focusing on the positive, not the negative. Encourage, empower and inspire your team, customers and clients.

"Such a great session! He needs a HOBY video for fundraising!"

Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Conference (HOBY)

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