Leveraging Creativity to Grow Strong Teams & Individuals

Finding ways to inspire and motivate your staff, sales or fundraising team can help you achieve your goals. People are complicated and multifaceted and bringing them together as a team, unit or family is no easy feat.  In my years as a photographer, I have witnessed people at their strongest and most vulnerable; as a writer, I have interviewed and explored people and their intricacies.  I used these insights as a manager and leader who helped connect people to develop teams by recognizing, celebrating and empowering strengths, talents and intricacies.  No games or pole climbing, just human connections built on sharing, respect, stories, humor, empathy and more.  The results are achievement, satisfaction, retention, empowerment and growth. Realize Dion’s unique story & photo-based team development programs!

Grow STRONG Teams

Effective leaders communicate and inspire to move teams to accomplish things they thought were impossible, and they do it through connection and understanding. Leaders must tap into their creativity, inspire and empower team members to find and utilize their own creativity, and then connect the team members in mutually respectful ways…all while keeping an eye on organization’s goals and objectives. Contact me today to help you build strong, humane, focused, creative, successful, connected teams.

By researching the needs and wants of potential clients and donors, you can craft effective marketing campaigns that address these values and create a more significant impact on your target audience.  Attract money, don’t chase it with a club.

Team Development Speaker

Motivated & Fulfilled Individuals

People matter. Find ways to discover the treasures within you that make you who you are. Learn to express, own your voice, embolden your creativity, learn from your life…fulfilled individuals enjoy life and their many roles—employee, colleague, partner, friend, spouse, parent, parent-figure, leader, team member, etc.—and positively affect their families, businesses, employers, community and more.

Contact me today to learn how to find your creativity, your story and your potential, and then be fulfilled at work, at home and in life.

Motivational Speaker

You and your team, individually and collectively, have great creativity available.

Unleash it. Empower it. Build with it. Unite with it. Succeed with it.

The keys: See differently; Change perspectives; Grow authentically.

The Call to Create

We are called to create…to be creative. I believe we were made in the image of a creator, ergo…we are called to create. We must find ways to tap into that in our lives, and I don’t mean we need to be artists, per se. We can create when we dance, cook, speak, write, hug, carve…and we create based on who we are, the lives we lived, the places we’ve been and the values we hold. Understand those elements, tap into them and create…in all aspects of your life.

The Need to Express

In my work over the years, it has become apparent to me that women have too often sacrificed their voices over the years, and men their emotions. Everyone is walking around as half the person they should or could be! We must express…our thoughts, feelings, ideas…our creativity. The ability to express, and the ability to listen, empowers individuals, strengthens teams, bonds relationships and makes life more fulfilling.

The Power of Connecting

We are stronger when we are part of a community, when we are connected to it; our communities are stronger when we as individuals are connected. The same holds true for families, committees, organizations, churches, and more. By connecting in empowered, respectful ways, we become stronger individually and collectively. Using our abilities to create and express, we can then connect in meaningful, authentic, mutually beneficial ways that encourage growth and fulfillment. Connecting is the key to leadership, sales, management, fundraising…life.

"The instructor shared great examples & is a great connector. I believe attendees will remember because of stories shared. I know I will."

Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Conference (HOBY)

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