LIFElines: Empowering All Aspects of Your Life by Dion McInnis

Lifelines:  Empowering All Aspects of Life is here!  The book that brings it all together, using my unique approach to opening up a never-ending well of inspiration for all aspects of your life:  creative, personal and professional.  A combination book/workbook, it will guide you through steps and exercises that will reveal your potential that comes from being who you are.

Sections include the unique tools that reveal the source within you for creative ideas and solutions, and several providing specific uses of the discoveries in your life, including writing, photography, creative expression, leadership, sales, relationships and more.

I have been told so many times, “I’ve never seen a process like this before.”  Now is the time to bring the tools and their applications to you.

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Some excerpts that you might enjoy:

  • “Before personality assessment tools, before the concept of vulnerability as a way of life, before all the contemporary methods of gaining and utilizing data to understand people and build teams … humanity accomplished great things.  Since the dawn of time, people have created.  Whether out of need or desire for expression, people create.  We work individually to create; we work as teams to create.  We are called to create.  All of us.  Every single one of us.”
  • “But somehow along the way of “growing up” and “maturing,” we began to feel and then believe that creativity was for others … for the artistic types.  The dissonance between our natural desire to create and be creative, and the belief that creativity was for the select few becomes a source of great frustration.  How can a desire – to create – that is so strong and natural be ignored?  It can’t.”
  • “To integrate elements of your life, it helps to be able to see them in order to work with them.  This book will help you do that.  Then you’ll find that you are integrating left brain with right brain, current time with past, voice with emotions, and our lives with those of others.  You become whole.  Being whole empowers your creativity.  Creative expression connects.”
  • “It is perfectly normal to take out of context of the grand scheme of things a particular incident, challenge or opportunity.  Nothing happens in a vacuum, nor does it not connect to other things in our life.  Nothing happens out of nowhere, and nothing leaves without a trace, a ripple or an effect.”
  • “The four lines reveal you, your life and the influences in your life.  It is in your life that the call to, and inspiration for, creativity exists.  You have just opened a treasure chest. You have revealed truth as to who you are.”
  • “As creatives, whether in art, business, relationships, thought … anything, we are called to come up with something new as well as continue to produce the familiar.  We are called to create.  And to modify, adapt and adopt.”
  • “Weaving together thoughts is best done with words; words can string together pearls, find the thread that holds together a story, or clarify with focus an abundance of ideas or thoughts.”
  • “Envelopes of seeds may contain what you use to grow a productive garden, but you don’t plant them in the envelopes.  The seeds for your stories are in the LIFElines, but you must take them out and organize them (rows in a garden), tend them (add to the lines, research, work the details) before you harvest (write and publish).”
  • “We don’t get on the swing to swing.  We climb aboard to experience gentle movement, high-flying, perfect two-point landings, feeling our hair moving in the breeze and so on.  We swing for the comfort or the courage, the rhythm or the exhilaration.  We get on for newness or nostalgia.  We swing, not to swing, but to feel.  To experience an effect.  That is also why you create.”
  • “Understanding from whence our friends and partners come plays a critical role in a strong relationship.  The four LIFElines reveal the experiences and effects of those years unlike any other method.”
  • “I am not proposing that we communicate based on the lowest common denominator of experiences, understandings and perspectives.  I am proposing that the variety among people is part of the richness of life and living, relationships and contacts.  Understand and appreciate the differences; don’t expect everyone to understand you first. “
  • “We are who we are because of the lives we’ve lived, and the LIFElines reveal what has happened in life.”
  • “There have been successful teams, caring partners and accomplished business people for much longer than there have been tests, profiles, studies and color charts to help people understand themselves and others.”

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