A  store of videos, audios and guides to help you and/or your organization tap into creativity to connect, grow teams, find joy and self-fulfillment, and see life differently.  See differently, change perspectives, grow authentically! Click on the category of your choice and see what’s available and/or coming soon.

Writers find a video workshop of my Memories to Memoirs ™ program. (now available)

For photographers, a variety of self-assignments, tips and guides, and personal skills development, as well as guidance on how to see with all your senses. There are a few topics there that all artists will appreciate!

Dads/ father figures can learn to enjoy the moments of being a dad or father figure, and parents and teachers will learn how to help their children achieve their dreams.

Job hunters will find a guide on how to HUNT for a job and succeed.  10% of sales total donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.  (Always free for Veterans, use code VET.) (now available)

Women will find videos on leadership, communication self-discovery.

Salesmen and fundraisers will have guidance on their processes and how to involve an entire organization, as well as guides on sales.

Executives, leaders and managers have guides on team development, storytelling, communications, effecting change and more.

Students will be inspired to make a difference in their own lives and the world by fully being themselves.

Non-profits coping with limited resources and tired teams will benefit from a variety of ideas and products that will focus and re-energize their efforts to help make the world a better place.

…and more!  Programs being added regularly so check back often.

Looking for books and other media?

Everyone was born to create.  Grow, connect, live with it.


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