Empowered Creativity Institute Coaching Services
See differently, change perspectives, grow authentically.


Experience first-hand what it feels like to be unleashed and empowered.  All coaching services have a 30-day guarantee.  There’s no reason to not embrace your creativity and empower your life.


Does your work leave you feeling empty? No sense of spark in your life’s plans or daily living?  Bored with life?  Do you feel like you are an artist but don’t know your medium?  Have you lost your spirit?   Do you feel stifled, like you can’t breathe?   Do your judgment, ideas and abilities feel encumbered and restricted?


When Dion listens you feel heard and you begin to hear, appreciate, know and trust your own authentic voice, too. I have experienced this as an individual and as part of a group as Dion guides in visioning and planning. He never starts by telling; he always starts by listening. This is what makes Dion unique.”

Personalized Coaching Services–Unleashing Your Creativity to Change Your Life


 Empowered Creativity Coaching: Five Elements of What We’ll Do Together

1. Clarify your vision of what you want to achieve. See differently.

2. Examine the conditions, impediments, challenges, skills, experiences as opportunities for success. See differently, change perspectives.

3. Develop and enhance skills, playing to natural strengths, while diminishing the negative effects of “weaknesses.”  Change perspectives, grow authentically.

4. Consider the role of your environment in how it supports your transitions. See differently, change perspectives, grow authentically.

5. Master your mindset to embrace abilities, discharge doubts, and empower creativity. Succeed by doing, reviewing and creating. Grow authentically.


Minimum enrollment is three months.

Grow Your Team, Grow Your Business

Sell Anytime, Anywhere

Find Your Voice or Find Your Vision 

Master the Art of Engagement and Retention

Authentic Philanthropy

See, Change, Grow…Life Coaching

I’m Retired…But I’m Still Not Living

Regain (or find) Passion and Performance For Your Work



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