Creating connects…empower them to do so

Want to build a strong, cohesive team?  Let them create.  Empower them to create.  Encourage them to create.

We are called to create, and the source of inspiration for creation is also the source of the power of connection.  The source is that which is inside us.

Carl Rogers wrote about “deeply spoken stories” in his book titled On Becoming a Person.  Basically, his point was that when we share that which is within us that we don’t believe others will understand, we connect to others because that is what others can understand.  Those things—stories, feelings, emotions, fears, joys—that we are afraid might miss the mark with others actually creates human connection.  Rocks and critters can’t do that; we can.  I believe that the greatest way that we can share our deeply spoken stories is by creating; we are then called to share what we create.

I’m not talking about masterpieces.  I am speaking about daily creation.  For example, I can tell people that I love my sons and their responses would likely be something akin to “you’re the dad…you should.”  But, when I show photographs or poetry or stories that I have created, the viewers/listeners understand with much more depth.

Creating creates clarity.  Are you really happy right now?  A smile lets others know.  A dance makes it even more clear.  Belting out a song more so.  And so on.  Creating comes from deep within.

The list of examples is as long as the range of deeply spoken stories that we have within us.  Let your team (work, family…any team) tap into that abundant source of energy and create from it and with it.  When they share what they have created, people come to better understand them.  Understanding, openness, communication and respect are paramount for a team to be successful, humane, resilient and happy; those things come by connection, and creating makes connections.

Stifling or inhibiting one of the most powerful forces within each person minimizes their potential, inhibits team unity, and diminishes their commonalities and uniqueness.


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