Discover and Polish the Pearls Within

For years, I have offered a topic as a presentation or workshop—or combination thereof, which is great fun—titled “Discover and Polish the Pearls Within.” What in the world does this have to do with fundraising? Nothing and everything. Because it is about seeing one’s life and its disruptions—both good and bad—in a new context. See differently; change perspectives; grow authentically.

I offer this audio extract (from the “It’s Your Time” women’s conference) to you because the concept helps you see yourself, your Self and your life differently, so you can change perspectives and grow authentically. And—drum roll please—that is how it helps with the fundraising concepts offered under the umbrella of Growth Through Fundraising. When you know yourself and understand your life more clearly, you are then better able to understand, empathize and connect to others.   Those three characteristics—understanding, empathy and connection—make you a better fundraiser. And leader. And partner, colleague, spouse, manager…human being. Team development is built on those characteristics, too.

Listen and enjoy…remember it is the beginning of the presentation and not the entire thing which includes writing and sharing exercises. Feel free to contact me for this presentation or workshop to your group or association, or as part of a team development initiative for your business.

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