You want success that lasts, but changes need to show results fast.  From the author of LIFElines:  Empowering All Aspects of Life and the founder of Empowered Creativity Institute comes Durable Success.  Effect change that empowers your team and transforms your organizational culture to one of growing and flourishing while increasing revenue; effect changes that are durable to the ebbs and flows of business cycles and the economy. Durable means “able to withstand wear, pressure, or damage; hard-wearing.”  Become durable!  “Knowing” is great, “understanding” is better, and turning that all into ACTION creates Durable Success!

The difference between knowing and understanding comes from the simple question of a two-year old:  “Why?”  “Why before how” has been my mantra for decades; it creates understanding, power, efficiency and effectiveness.  Don’t just “know”… understand yourself, your team, direction, message and customer to enable durable success by taking action.  This program will take you there.

There are five elements of my program, and they all focus on the human perspectives of business.  Together they create a unified business culture that empowers, celebrates and utilizes everyone’s abilities as the business increases revenue.  Durable Success.

  1. Understand yourself to be more effective and empowered.  Based on the LIFElines model, guide and reveal everyone to understand themselves, their gifts, their wisdom and their strengths obtained because of the life they’ve lived.  Cross age and cultural differences when individuals first know and understand themselves first. This awareness becomes the foundation for all the rest.
  2. Understand your team to become more cohesive and successful. Understand how everyone wants to grow and succeed, but it may look different for each.  Forget “putting the right people on the bus” and place them where they can grow and flourish.  Using a garden analogy, this program examines organizational culture, hiring, management, leadership, operations and more.
  3. Understand your business’ direction and lead it to become laser focused and unified. Leadership is not about moving people lock-step in a direction, but guiding them all to a new, better place.  And none if it matters if the direction and purpose are not communicated.  Leadership:  It’s what you communicate.
  4. Understand your message to enhance brand, build understanding about your business’ offerings and increase sales. Your message reveals what you do and why you do it.  We’re not talking just about social media snippets here, but the content and stories that connect and sell in your various communications channels – both internal and external.
  5. Understand your customer– where they are, how everyone on the team helps the sales process, and how to make the sale. Discover where they are, how to find them and how to involve everyone in your organization in the sales process with the “Go first…” concept, and then meet the customer where they are in the moment to close the sale with the wisdom of a shoeshine man.  Easy to understand, effective throughout an organization and focused on the sale.

Do you have a business with:

  • a story to tell,
  • more than five employees but less than 50,
  • a small or non-existent dedicated sales force,
  • strong values and faith in people?

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Get a free hard copy of my book/guide/workbook, LIFElines:  Empowering All Aspects of Your Life, by scheduling a 30-minute appointment (video or in-person, whichever is most appropriate) for you to share with me what Durable Success — well-wearing, tough, resilient, strong — would look like for your business. Of course, I believe I have the solutions to get you there!  I’m all ears as to your dreams and nightmares, empowering the former, chasing away the latter!

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