Together, we can honor and empower the nonprofits that are invaluable to making your community a better place.  Every area suffers when individuals do because of health, abuse, mental health, financial, employment or disorder-related troubles.  There are many conditions that cripple people over the short- and long-term.  Nonprofits help address those needs.  Nonprofits need support, guidance and visibility. Who better to take the lead for all the nonprofits in a community – ranging from youth sports to foodbanks, from literacy programs to mental health – than the chamber of commerce? And let’s not forget that one of the most important nonprofits in the community is…the chamber of commerce!


Together, let’s make them more successful and the community stronger.


Together, we can:

  • ·         Engage nonprofits more fully in the chamber of commerce.
  • ·         Provide them with tools to be more successful in garnering funds, developing boards, gaining visibility and engaging the community – all of which helps them be more successful in their service to the community.
  • ·         Inspire and encourage nonprofit leaders and staff, and community volunteers to keep up their great work of effecting change.
  • ·         Celebrate and showcase nonprofits in front of chamber members, providing opportunity for:  visibility, support, volunteers and awareness of programs.

All this comes as a package program that is reasonably priced, coincides with your chamber’s regular events and programming and offers a great opportunity for sponsorship.


What happens on “The Day?”

8:30-11:30 Nonprofit Success Seminar: Planning, Leadership, Engagement and Support presented by Dion McInnis


·         Planning for Success using my “Cause-mission-vision-strategic plan-action plan…that leads to support” concept

·         Garnering Support:  Plans require support – moral, political and financial.  Here’s how using my “Go first…” model.

·         Board Development:  There are four stages, keep them all on your board while developing for success by getting them on the pages of planning and support.

·         Community Engagement:  No more operating in a vacuum or being your community’s “best kept secret.”


Noon to 1:30  Chamber luncheon focused on celebrating nonprofits.
Keynote presentation by Dion McInnis, “Effecting Change:  Three Things to Do, One Way to Do It” to inspire and motivate attendees while honoring the work of nonprofits.  This is a perfect opportunity for nonprofit leaders to be dispersed throughout the event seating, each with a special recognition on their name tag.  If space allows, this is a good opportunity for each organization to have an area to provide materials to engage, garner support or recruit members/volunteers.


Included with the services:

  • ·         Morning seminar session for unlimited number of nonprofit leaders (contingent on space requirements set forth by chamber).
  • ·         Luncheon keynote presentation.
  • ·         Four promotional messages to help market the seminar to nonprofits and the event to chamber members and the community.
  • ·         Handout materials for seminar.
  • ·         Three photo memes that celebrate nonprofits-perfectly suited for your chamber’s web site, social media, marketing, etc.


The Investment

The investment is only $3,000, no matter how many attend the seminar, providing a perfect opportunity to have the program sponsored so nonprofits can participate for free or at a very nominal rate.  (NOTE:  Typical travel-related expenses will be added when the location is further than 75 miles from 77573.  Also, the chamber handles the seminar and lunch venue-related expenses. Headcount for seminar required 72 hours before event to assure the appropriate number of handouts are available.)


Contact me at 832-877-8821 or for more information or details.


Together, let’s help nonprofits make our communities happier, healthier and stronger.


You can see more of my programs for nonprofits at and, including my free “Make It Happen” Monday program of fundraising topics for nonprofit leaders, fundraisers and board members.