Fatherhood, The Ultimate Empowered Creativity

This post isn’t about business, leadership, success, achievement, management…but yes, it is.  This is about fatherhood, my favorite expression of “empowered creativity.”  To me, all else that I do or try to do pales in comparison to my role as a dad, and now in my work to help others come to better understand, appreciate and celebrate the roles of dads and father figures. (I will soon have some video products in the ECI store.  For now, there is the book, Daddin’:  The Verb of Being a Dad.)

Today, Pope Francis called on fathers to be more active and engaged, celebrating the “beauty of fatherhood.”  It seems that Daddin’ pretty well covers the verb(s) of what he describes.  Check my Daddin Relates To Pope Francis Message by Dion McInnis!

Enjoy this reading from Daddin’, too, presented to the Association of Business and Professional Women.

Daddin’….the best job there is.

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