Leadership Team Development Consultant

Assist Leadership, Fundraising & Sales Teams Attract Money To Your Organization

Achieve Goals with Creative and Empowered Individuals 

As a preeminent Houston team development, sales and fundraising coach, Dion McInnis has earned a reputation for motivating and inspiring leaders and team members in the nonprofit field. Dion’s unique approach to empowering and motivating team members can transform the way your team thinks about donors or attracting money to your business. By focusing on building connections and creating mutually beneficial relationships with potential donors and those with the purchasing power allows your team to establish a positive reputation in your local community and can build a solid foundation for future fundraising efforts and campaigns.

Thinking about Sales & Fundraising Differently

As a 27-year veteran of the donor relations field, Dion McInnis has published numerous books and has achieved considerable success as a Houston motivational speaker and photographer. His innovative approach utilizing his skills as an author and photographer focuses on three very important principles:

  • Seeing things differently
  • Changing existing individual and organizational perspectives
  • Growing authentically

By incorporating these core values into your sales and fundraising efforts, relationships  with staff, teams, and donors and can craft more effective campaigns to boost contributions and generate added revenue streams for your organization or cause.

Three Things to Do, One Way to Do It

As a leading Houston fundraising consultant, Dion McInnis is in high demand among nonprofit organizations and companies due to his positive message and inspirational style. Dion encapsulates his own motivational position in three simple statements:

  • Go where the action is
  • Play our hearts out
  • Do no harm

Implementing these three principles into your team’s ongoing fundraising efforts can produce exceptional results, especially when integrated with Dion’s own unique method for achieving success in nearly any field:

  • Dedicating the entirety of your efforts and your talents to attain your goals

Enlisting the help of this talented Houston fundraising coach can boost the productivity and creativity of your team and can open up new avenues of opportunity in reaching your target audience. Dion McInnis will teach you and your staff how to fundraise in Houston for maximum impact and increased awareness of your organizational goals. By working with acclaimed Houston fundraising consultant Dion McInnis to boost morale and motivation among your fundraising team, you can achieve remarkable results and can establish your nonprofit organization as a leading force for good in your community.

Donor-Driven Strategies

By looking at the fundraising paradigm from the donor’s perspective, your team can create more effective campaigns that address the needs and wants of your target audience and attract increased buzz throughout your community. Dion McInnis can provide you with the fresh perspective your team needs to reach potential contributors with messages that speak to their basic values and priorities. By thinking about your cause and your organization from the donor’s point of view, you can often fine-tune your fundraising campaigns to address their needs and wants and to increase your revenue streams and relevance in your chosen field.