Celebrate your organization.  Honor those who make you successful.  Inspire new and ongoing support.

Looking for a presentation at awards event, gala, campaign kickoff or annual event that will inspire donations and galvanize support?  Imagine an inspiring keynote presentation, laced with stories from your organization’s work, and reinforced by original photography used during the presentation as well as on easels in the venue.  Touch, connect and inspire.

Inspirational, motivational, laughter and tears and compelling..never smarmy or affectatious.

Perfect for charitable nonprofits, chambers of commerce, service organizations…

I have spent 40 years listening to, writing about and celebrating people and organizations.  Thirty of those years have been spent garnering support for nonprofits (arts, education and chambers of commerce).  Award-winning photographer, popular speaker and successful fundraising leader, combined to provide you the message that will solidify support and gain new supporters.

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