Empowered Creativity Institute Solutions for Nonprofits That Need to Do a Lot With a Little


Being Efficient and Effective With What and Who You Have

Includes analysis of existing revenue generating programs, personnel, board, volunteers, program of work and strategic plans to identify opportunities to improve fundraising success.  Includes written summary of analysis.

After review of analysis by nonprofit executive, ECI will provide a 90-minute program for staff, board and volunteer leadership to get everyone involved in the fundraising process focused on cause-mission-vision-strategic plan-action plan.

Also includes a check-in with executive at 45 days to review progress and determine best next steps.


Re-engage, Re-inspire, Re-energize Your Team By Giving Them…Themselves

Burnout, exhaustion, stress…unfortunately, these are all too common for nonprofit staff, volunteers and community partners.  ECI’s unique program provides your team the only thing that can truly help them through challenging times:  the gift of themselves.  The two-hour program is highly interactive and engaging as attendees re-connect to who they are and see their lives and gifts in a new light, further empowering them in their work for your organization and in their life-work balance. The program is tweaked to address the conditions and issues that your team is currently facing.


Tell The Story of Your Cause and Mission, Inspire Support

Reveal your organization’s cause, mission and vision with stories, photographs and a keynote presentation by Dion McInnis customized to engage stakeholders, inspire volunteers and garner support.  He will immerse himself in your organization’s work, create images and develop a compelling keynote presentation to coincide with a major event, campaign launch or rebranding event.



Developing Partnerships, Collaborations and Partnerships

This program of services includes “A” above plus the development of a marketing piece (digital file of two sided, color, 8.5 x 11 design with one or two folds) to be used to help establish funded partnerships, collaborations, partnerships and sponsorships with a program of benefits and acknowledgements to offer such donors, based on your organization’s culture and resources.  You will also receive three templates that you can tweak to reach out to potential supporters.  They will be customized to your organization, and include:  one email message to open the door for support, one phone guide/script to follow when calling after sending the email, and one cover letter to accompany proposals, marketing materials, etc.



The One-year Surge:  Getting the Board, Volunteer Leadership and Staff on the Fundraising Journey

For the nonprofit capable of taking the next step, but not quite able to hire ongoing fundraising support, ECI offers a program for organizations who can rally their staff, board and appropriate volunteers to a one-year surge of fundraising (15-month engagement with ECI).  This program involves multiple phases:

  1. The “A” services listed above.  Included in the analysis will be a proposed priority of fundable needs and the prioritization of fundraising methods.  All methods of enhancing revenues cannot be tackled at one time.
  2. The materials from section “B” above delivered within 60 days of board/staff meeting of “A.”
  3. Fundraising training session for all who will be involved in the year-long surge, including leadership, fundraisers (paid or volunteer), support team members, etc.
  4. Schedule kick-off event (keynote and photos by Dion McInnis) to tell the story, inspire donors, cultivate potential donors. To be held within 120 days of meeting of “A.”
  5. ECI follow up with nonprofit executive every two weeks to check on status of work completed from plan and address issues.
  6. Quarterly meetings with leadership team to discuss progress, issues and next steps toward goals for the year.
  7. Meeting with leadership team at the end of the third quarter to determine top priorities for last quarter.
  8. Meeting with leadership team at the end of fourth quarter to discuss ways to continue the momentum, adjust where needed, and maximize discovered opportunities for the coming year.