Sometimes, it is more fun to grow in a group environment of like-minded people.  Here’s your option to do that.


The 90-Day Empowered Creativity Transformation:  A Group Experience We are called to create…to be creative.  We must find ways to tap into that in our lives, and I don’t mean we need to be artists, per se.  We can create when we dance, cook, speak, write, hug, carve…and we create based on who we are, the lives we lived, the places we’ve been and the values we hold.  Understand those elements, tap into them and create…in all aspects of your life. Empower your life with your own creativity with this dynamic group program, customized to your goals, talents and commitment. Minimum 3, maximum 7 participants per group. Included:  One four-hour group session per month for three months, one 60-minute individual call per month to discuss program and progress, personalized reviews of your creative work in progress, and unlimited emails.  $1995 per person.