Double or triple the size of your sales team at no added cost.

Zero.  No extra payroll, no expensive job searches, no frustrating onboarding periods.  More people selling means more revenue.

You will get a return of 10x, 20x, 100x times or more when your team uses these methods in selling.

In challenging times and/or difficult conditions (face it, we all face them), weak teams lose out and empowered teams succeed.  They flourish.  They fill the vacuum left by the ones leaving the market or who are not efficient, effective and engaged.

Assure that your team is the one rocking all their sales goals.  Assure it by having everyone in the organization – EVERYone – participating in the sales process.  Double or triple your “sales team” by making everyone on your team a part of the sales process.


Make your closers more effective by giving them more openings.

Get everyone involved with Sales Training Transformation, my unique, affordable, convenient, efficient, effective, personalized and guaranteed system of sales skills development developed to provide everyone a role and the skills to be part of sales success.

Affordable The price is right.  The program is affordable in dollars, and affordable in time.  Time is money and sales is money.  This program will increase sales while be affordable in the amount of time committed to the workshop.

Convenient Your place or mine.  There are certain facility requirements that are needed, but they’re pretty simple.  Chances are that I can present this at your place of business or in a meeting area convenient to your business.  Or, come to my office overlooking the marina at South Shore Harbor in League City.

Efficient Six tips, a lot of interaction and engagement, 90 minutes.  Perfect for the adult learner, no matter whether a boomer or a millennial or any other age group.  Geared for teams who want to succeed and don’t want to waste time with filler.

Effective Based on a story that is easy to remember, applicable and adaptable to all industries.  Workbook provided that helps team members learn how their role, no matter what it is, helps build sales for the company.  They can begin using the skills immediately after the session ends.  It is too easy to forget lessons or resist change, so the program comes with six follow-up reminder memes to reinforce lessons, inspire and encourage your team members.  They will receive one per week for the six weeks that follow the session.

Personalized The program uses the framework of the shoeshine experience to reveal the tips.  The meat, the value, the applicability of the program comes with its highly interactive basis.  We’ll be talking about your business, your conditions, your community, your marketing programs and resources, your … you get the point.  This is not theory.  This is wisdom applied to your business, your team and your goals.

Guaranteed Period.  If within 48 hours of the conclusion of the session, you feel that you did not get the value or benefits that you expected, just let me know.  I will refund your money.  No questions asked.  I want you to succeed and believe that this program can be a significant influence on your team and your business, but if you disagree … I stand by my service’s value.

All hands on deck.  Everyone pulling the same direction.  Break down the silos.  Choose your preferred cliché, but when everyone on your team (did I mention EVERYone?) has a role in the sales process, revenue goes up without adding personnel in tight budget times.

But wait – not everyone is a “salesperson.”  Not everyone is a closer.  Everyone is (or can be) an opener.

How many meetings does your sales team need to attend to get enough leads?  How many networking sessions?  How many social events?  How many….to get enough openings to get enough visits to get enough proposals to get enough closings to get the desired revenue?  What if everyone was part of the opening process, the most time-consuming process?

One 90-minute session/workshop.  Guaranteed to make a difference, far exceeding your investment.  An ROI of 10x, 100x, or even 1000x is possible, but it takes reinforcement, too.  Which is why I offer lagnappe – that little bit of something extra.

The presentation will effect change and success from the ground up instead of by decree from the top down.  “Thou shalt sell” terrifies almost everyone who is not directly in sales.  No more!

The lagnappe encourages, empowers and inspires personal ownership of each person’s role in the sales process:

  1. You will receive a free guide to help prepare your team for the session so they will get the absolute most value from the experience.
  2. Each participant will receive six photo memes to reinforce, encourage and inspire them. They will receive one per week via email for six weeks following the workshop.  Talk about the messages at staff meetings.  Print the memes for the bulletin board or office walls!  Keep the transformation going.


Everyone on your team will be able to:

  • Engage in thoughtful, customer-centric openings in presentations or conversations
  • Explain enthusiastically the value of the business’ products or services in presentations or conversations
  • Address pricing questions or comments in presentations or conversations
  • Ask for the business (close) or ask for permission to pass to a closer
  • Accept “no” or “not interested” graciously and not take it personally – to keep the joy of selling and the doors always open to the potential customers


In the elevator, at the grocery store, at the book club, at the cash register, in the aisles of your shop, at networking events … everyone can be selling.  Not just marketing – selling – in ways in which they are comfortable.

Now is the time to act.  Transform your team for the holiday sales season.  Check this page for more information, pricing for groups more than 10 and to reserve your space on the calendar.

Here’s to great selling!


Dion McInnis


PS:  Because the sessions are so efficient, effective and affordable, you can schedule a couple in a day to accommodate your shifts.  Evenings and weekends available.  There is no reason that everyone on your team can’t experience this workshop.  Call today to reserve your date.  832-877-8821