“I’ve been in business since 1972 and I’ve learned….”

“…that the first 42 years are the hardest,” he said with a broad smile.

Ken and I were chatting at the monthly meeting of the Houston Chapter of the National Speakers Association, comparing notes on how things were going in our businesses.  My Empowered Creativity Institute model has only been in place for a couple of months, and it has been almost three decades since I have been self-employed.  His comment had many interesting interpretations when we see them differently, change perspectives and grow authentically.

“…the first 42 years are the hardest”

…it gets easier all the time.  I imagine that last year, he would have said, “The first 41 years are the hardest,” and “the first 40 years the year before that.”  The point is the more we work and work well, the easier the work becomes.  We learn, we grow, we find joy in our efforts, and learn to manage the stressors with greater grace.

“…the first 42 years are the hardest”

…the rewards go to those who stick with it.  It has been said by many great people that persistence trumps all else–genius, talent, etc.  Persist in effort, resist distractions; persist in growth, resist stagnation; persist in optimism, resist cynicism.

“…the first 42 years are the hardest”

…no one ever said it was going to be easy.  Self-employment is not winning the lottery…quite the contrary.  No job is easy…if we make the most of the opportunity.  Life is not easy, not matter how we live it.  Such is life…for everyone.  Look at challenges differently, recognizing things are challenging for everyone.  And keep smiling.




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