LIFElines: Empowering All Aspects of Your Life. Now available! Perfect for speakers and salespeople; leaders and managers; parents and partners; healers and healing; and, creatives of all types. 

LIFElines: Empowering All Aspects of Your Life by Dion McInnis

Imagine the powers, insight, understanding, perspective, strength and contexts available to you if you could see the wisdom, purpose, direction and potential of your life.  LIFElines provides the answers and tools to use for the rest of your life to empower all aspects of your life:

Creativity  “But somehow along the way of “growing up” and “maturing,” we began to feel and then believe that creativity was for others … for the artistic types.  The dissonance between our natural desire to create and be creative, and the belief that creativity was for the select few becomes a source of great frustration.  How can a desire – to create – that is so strong and natural be ignored?  It can’t.

Unlike the work of the Creator, making much from nothing, our creativity must come from something and from somewhere.  It comes from our lives and all that they comprise.  This book is about accessing your life and the tool is LIFElines.”

Healing  “The revelations and perspectives from the LIFElines also provide tools for healing.  I use them as the basis for my “A Life of Pearls:  Learning How Trials Become Treasures” workshop (formerly called, “Discover and Polish the Pearls Within.”)

Consider how pearls are made.  The oyster rests on the bottom of the bay, minding its own business, just going day to day.  In the regular routine of living, the oyster takes in a grain of sand that becomes a disruption or an irritation.  Over time, using natural processes, that irritating grain of sand becomes a pearl.  The pearl becomes a treasured, beautiful possession, worn in pendants, earrings, necklaces and more.  For a pearl to maintain its luster, it must be worn; it can’t be hidden away all the time.

The challenges (positive and negative) in our lives are often disruptions that become pearls.  The experiences we’ve had created pearls within us, and the experiences of today are pearls in the making.  The LIFElines reveal them, and the creative processes help you “wear” the pearls, making them a part of who you are.  The pearls of your life maintain their luster when you don’t hide them away.”

Sharing and hearing stories  “It seems like everyone is telling us to own our stories, to share stories for personal and business gain, train with stories … stories are apparently the basis for all success.  But, how do we find our stories to access them for truth, wisdom and empowered creativity?  Stories, like all forms of expression, must be created, and they do not come out of thin air. “

Relationships  “An important element for couples to have successful long-term relationships is an understanding of “families of origin.”  Much of a person’s understandings and assumptions about love, relationships, family, respect and so on come from influences during the growing up years in their families of origin.  How a person reacts to those experiences range from adopting what they experienced or rejecting the errors of others’ ways.  A child who received corporal punishment may follow suit when s/he becomes an adult, or may realize the negative aspects and avoid it.  Understanding from whence our friends and partners come plays a critical role in a strong relationship.  The four LIFElines reveal the experiences and effects of those years unlike any other method.”

Leadership  and Management  “Management and leadership is not about moving everyone lock step, in a straight line.  Move machines that way, not people.

To accomplish that, the leader/manager must know themselves in order to have the confidence and courage to allow and empower others to know themselves so that the entire team of whole, self-aware people can use their skills to the greatest extent in order to help the organization achieve its goals and vision.”

Writing  “Writing is revealing – revealing of one’s own thoughts and ideas to oneself, and of one’s ideas to others.

There are different ways of writing, each has a different effect.  In a love note, you might write poetically, but in a business letter you will write in a less emotional way.  In this chapter, you’ll use two writing prompts to get the thoughts working, the pen moving or the keyboard clacking.  You’ll also work on four different writing styles, each with its own purpose and way of communicating:  correspondence, essay, poetry and storytelling.  With each style comes a different way of thinking, moving you from left brain to right brain and back again; from emotional to logical; from serious to fun; from descriptive to discursive.  The goal is not to make you a master of each, but fluent in the styles, rhythms and thought processes for each.”

Photography  “Anyone can take a photograph – push a button.  The magic and creative voice in photography comes from the ability to see with one’s senses (I tell photographers that to create better images, they should close their eyes.) and respond with knowledge and skills to make an image based on what they see and feel.  It requires a different way of thinking that becomes a state of mind.”

… and moremuch more.  Use the book/workbook/guide to transform all aspects of your life.  It is the foundation for Durable Success.

Coaching and presentations  Presentations available to groups and LIFElines-based coaching for individuals or groups.

A recent research study shows that life changes us.  How could anyone be surprised by that?  LIFElines reveal to you how you have become the person that you are, and how to utilize the influences in all aspects of your life.