I’m Retired…But I’m Still Not Living” Life Coaching

You’ve had a busy and productive life and now you’re retired.  But you don’t feel like you are living.  Perhaps you are over-involved as a volunteer.  Maybe you’re feeling unproductive or not valuable.  Do you feel like you’ve lost your purpose since you don’t have a “job?”    Now is the time to see differently, change perspectives and grow authentically.

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–> you want to grow and flourish in your post-retirement life, active but not busy for the sake of being busy.

–> you want to have a creative, fulfilling life that uses the person that you’ve  become over a lifetime, while focusing on what is important in these years.

–> you want to use all the elements of your life to be the most authentic, genuine you possible.

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During the session, we will…

–> Create a clear vision of the life that you want to live.

–> Uncover some of the challenges that are inhibiting you in your personal, professional and creative life.

–> Have you finish the session renewed, energized, inspired and optimistic about how to see things differently in order to change perspectives in ways that you will grow authentically in creativity, relationships, jobs…life.

To claim your session, send an email to me using with answers to the following questions.  Be sure to include your phone number.  I will get back to you soon to schedule your session.

  1. Describe the most frustrating or disappointing aspect of being retired.
  2. Describe the aspects of post-retirement life that you want to change but feel unable to.
  3. What are your greatest fears about not making changes?
  4. How would you like your life to be different six months from now?

Act now.