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See differently…to change perspectives…in order to grow authentically.

One of the best ways to see is to…listen.  My first book, Listen to Life: Wisdom in Life’s Stories, reminds us that everything we need to know about everything we need to know about can be found by listening to life.  The book of stories illustrates that while “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” (Buddhist wisdom), for those who listen…teachers are everywhere.  You can learn to turn your stories into meaningful ones that can be used in your business.  Everyone says to tell stories, but where do they come from?  I’ll show you!

All my topics comes from wisdom found in my LIFElines, so, of course, LIFElines also makes a great topic for your team, organization or association.

Empower Creativity in Expression

Memories to Memoirs: Turning Life’s Experiences Into Anthologies of Treasures, listen here to the interview about my approach.

Creative Solutions to Leadership/Management/Sales Challenges

Empower Personal Growth

  • A Life of Pearls:  Learning How Trials Become Treasures  (view intro here)
  • God You’re Beautiful: What We Say to Others, We Say to God
  • (im)Perfect Beauty: Seeing and Celebrating Beauty in the Imperfect
  • Listen to Life: Wisdom in Life’s Stories
  • Effecting Change:  Three Things to Do, One Way To Do It

Listen to the concept behind Daddin’ and Dion’s reading of the last chapter which is primarily a love letter to his then not-yet-born first granddaughter.


emPOWERing, CONNECTing and Celebrating Women

  • (im)Perfect Beauty: Seeing and Celebrating Beauty in the Imperfect
  • Women in Leadership: Find the Power, Find the Potential
  • Beautiful Because She Breathes
  • How You See Determines How You Look

Dion was asked “What is it about your perspective that gives you credibility on women’s topics?  His response is below.