Creating and Motivating Your Fundraising Team with Dion McInnis

During his 27 years in university advancement, Dion McInnis has achieved exceptional results on behalf of four universities that he served. He can bring the same level of excitement and motivation to your fundraising team and provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to generate positive buzz both inside your organization and in the larger community. Dion’s talents have allowed him to revolutionize numerous fundraising organizations in the Houston area and across the state of Texas.

Innovation in the Fundraising Field

As an acclaimed Houston motivational speaker, Dion McInnis understands the dynamics of the fundraising industry. He intersperses anecdotes, cultural references, and literary tropes with a healthy helping of practical advice designed to help your team achieve greater success. Dion delivers his inspirational message through a variety of methods:

  • Team motivation and team building workshops that help you and your staff members to play to your strengths and to work together more effectively
  • Workshops that instill leadership skills for key members of your team
  • Direct assistance in building an effective team through interviews and discussions with your top personnel
  • Writing and creativity boosting workshops for fundraising professionals

The strategies used to create effective fundraising campaigns are strikingly similar to those employed in sales and marketing. By looking at the fundraising process from the donor’s perspective, you can tailor your promotional campaigns to appeal directly to your most likely contributors. Dion’s engaging personal style and innovative approach to his chosen subject allows him to teach your staff members and volunteers how to fundraise in Houston for maximum impact on your chosen audience.

The Dion McInnis Philosophy

Throughout his career as a Houston fundraising consultant, Dion McInnis has focused on three key principles to motivate his clients:

  • Go where the action is. Do not wait for donors to find you; instead, promote your organization effectively to increase its visibility and extend its reach into the public marketplace.
  • Play your heart out. Give 100 percent toward your goal and make full use of the talents and abilities of every member of your team.
  • Do no harm. Accept that everyone makes mistakes and move on. Do not dwell on negatives that can destroy the morale of your team. Instead, work to support each other and to accomplish your goals together.

By committing to your fundraising objectives and pulling together as a team, you can achieve great things in the nonprofit field.

Dion McInnis is a leading Houston fundraising coach and dedicates his time and expertise to helping companies and nonprofits reach their fullest potential. By enlisting his expertise in motivating and inspiring your volunteers and staff members, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of your promotional activities and can boost your visibility among potential contributors. Considering the donation process from the donor’s point of view can considerably improve your performance and increase your revenues to support your worthy cause.