Exercise their brain and soul, not their brawn and soles when building your team.  Harness the power and potential of your time using LIFElines!

I believe in expression instead of exertion to develop teams, open communication and create connections so the team can grow and flourish.  With all due respect to the notion of putting people on a bus, instead place them where they can grow.  Then lead and manage them thusly.  It all begins with “soil condition.”

Contact me about for unique approaches to team development that can be used for teams that include members of various ages, backgrounds, sizes, shapes, interests….in other words, REAL teams.  

Get the free e-doc, “Grow Your Teams” that uses a garden analogy to help develop teams for growing and flourishing from job posting through retirement or replacement.  Simply send me an email with the subject line “Grow.”  If you include your company/organization name, number of employees and biggest challenge regarding a productive team in the body of your email, I will provide you a FREE 30-minute troubleshooting session!  Email me today!