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Dion McInnis is a great resource for any organization, business, or individual looking for a motivational speaker and/or consultant for fundraising, problem solving, etc. With his strong professional background in leadership roles at universities related to fundraising for 27 years he brings to his new business extensive skills–motivational speaker, photographer, author, and a host of other talents. We have known him for more than half that time.

He excels at analyzing and creating scenarios that will lead to a workable plan and a successful outcome for all parties, as he listens well and is able to create a plan that resolves multiple issues to create a consensus. Dion also brings a personal approach to each project. These skills can be applied to any organization, business, or individual seeking to improve performance and accomplishing goals.

We highly recommend Dion McInnis to work with your organization or business to help develop your plan. His experience and creativity abound in all of his endeavors.

Pat & Wendell Wilson September 26, 2014

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