Where Do Creative Ideas Come From?

They all come from one place. See that person in the mirror? That’s where they come from. But you have to see that person differently, change perspectives and then grow authentically in your new-found resources for creative ideas.

Respond to the call to be a creator by tapping into all that is within you: knowledge, experiences, wisdom, successes, failures, humor, passions, perspectives…. You get the idea. You are rich with resources to inspire ideas and provide you the inspiration for creative solutions to whatever challenges you are addressing, whether sublime or profound. See your life line differently in order to change perspectives. Then, you’ll grow in your effectiveness, fulfillment, joy…and you will do so in all roles in life.

I just completed teaching Playground of Creativity at the Jung Center-Houston and was energized by the effects on the students as they went through the paces and homework that allowed them to see within themselves differently in order to gain the insights and inspirations necessary to create. I have begun working on a book to provide similar experiences to you.

Need a creative solution? The answer is within you when you tap into all that you have read, experienced, heard, felt, sensed and lived.  Connect them, leverage them, utilize them.


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